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Some approved designs for you to use in your business.

Please refer to the Policies and Procedures document for official guidelines for marketing and branding.


Here are some basic things to note:


* You are not permitted to use the Neals Yard Remedies or NYR Organic logos or graphics without express permission from the company


* The brand as an independent consultant is NYR Organic.


* You should not in any way represent yourself as the company. Stating your name or "independent consultant" along with the brand is acceptable e.g. NYR Organic - Lynn Williamott or Independent Consultant for NYR Organic.


* It is not permissable to sell online, other than through your NYR Organic replica website


* You may add a text hyperlink to your NYR Organic from any website you own or manage


For other approved documents and professionally printed copies of the above documents you can use Vistaprint for more information click here

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